Wi-Fi Vantage

Elevated user experience in Wi-Fi® networks

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™ makes it easier than ever for users to select devices that give the best Wi-Fi experience in airports, stadiums, offices, campuses, retail locations, and service provider-managed residential networks. Wi-Fi Vantage™ devices offer features that provide secure, light touch access to Wi-Fi networks, as well as mechanisms for efficient use of spectrum and network resources in densely populated, dynamic environments.

To provide the best possible experience in the most challenging Wi-Fi environments, Wi-Fi Vantage leverages these key technologies:

Wi-Fi network administrators offering Wi-Fi Vantage will deliver an optimal user experience with seamless and secure connections, increased throughput, and the ability to allow more devices to operate on the same network without sacrificing performance.

Wi-Fi Vantage will evolve to incorporate the latest technologies, giving users the most enhanced Wi-Fi experience available. Each new generation of Wi-Fi Vantage devices will provide improved device performance and reduced network connection times when accessing managed Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity™

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity improves mobility by leveraging features from IEEE 802.11ai, IEEE 802.11k, and Wi-Fi Alliance technologies to provide:

  • Optimized network discovery and selection
  • Link quality assessment
  • Rapid authentication
  • Significant frame overhead reduction

Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity extends the benefits of Wi-Fi Agile Multiband to improve Wi-Fi experience, particularly in dense environments. Users will experience more consistent connections while roaming within and across networks.

Download white paper from 7SIGNAL: "802.11ai Fast Initial Link Setup"

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which Vantage technologies help quickly connect to another AP or another network?

    Wi-Fi Agile Multiband: Fast Basic Service Set (BSS) Transition, also known as Fast Transition, is based on IEEE 802.11r. Fast Transition enables devices to reauthenticate quickly with WPA2 security when roaming within the same Wi-Fi network, improving experience with latency sensitive applications such as voice over Wi-Fi.

    Wi-Fi Optimized Connectivity: Fast Initial Link Setup (FILS) Authentication is a mechanism defined in IEEE 802.11ai to enable fast authentication to APs using WPA2-Enterprise security.

  • Why should end users purchase Wi-Fi Vantage devices?

    Devices that are certified for Wi-Fi Vantage represent the most recent and interoperable Wi-Fi technologies for managed networks. Users will experience fewer connection interruptions during calls or video streaming, even while traversing through a transportation hub like a large airport. These devices, when used in a Wi-Fi Vantage enabled network, bring a more seamless and consistent connection and therefore a better mobile experience.

  • What is a managed network?

    Managed networks are Wi-Fi networks, such as those operated in airports, stadiums, schools, office buildings, retail and hotel locations and other venues, that are “managed” by network administrators to optimize their coverage, performance, and network access. These networks are frequently open to the public or offer access to subscribers.

  • What features are available in Wi-Fi Vantage devices today?

    Wi-Fi Vantage will evolve over time to introduce more advanced features as they become available. Today, all Wi-Fi Vantage devices contain the following enhanced feature sets to offer users the best experience when connecting to managed Wi-Fi networks:

    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint with Online Signup and Policy Provisioning
    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac with advanced features of beamforming, concurrent dual band operation, and low density parity check  

    Wi-Fi Vantage adds the following feature sets to devices in 2018:

    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Agile Multiband, enabling devices to quickly identify and transition to a recommended AP, frequency band, or channel that gives the best connection
    • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Optimized Connectivity improves roaming within a Wi-Fi network or to another network through optimized discovery, authentication, and reduced management frames
  • What features are planned for Wi-Fi Vantage devices in future generations?

    Future generations of Wi-Fi Vantage will add enhancements in network access, frequency band and channel management, and reduced connection times, resulting in improved roaming and management of Wi-Fi networks.