Wi-Fi TimeSync

Precisely synchronized audio, video, and data

Home entertainment systems, automotive infotainment systems, and industrial sensor-based systems rely on precisely synchronized components to deliver optimum results. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED TimeSync™ utilizes clock synchronization to enable devices to tightly couple with each other through Wi-Fi® connectivity, resulting in the best quality output.

Wi-Fi TimeSync™ supports multichannel audio and video capabilities wirelessly and simultaneously without perceptible drift or lip-sync issues, but its benefits are not limited to audio and video entertainment. Industrial facilities can use Wi-Fi enabled sensors to monitor equipment activity and to time sequential equipment functions for precise output. There are a host of possible industrial, automotive, healthcare, and IoT applications that Wi-Fi TimeSync facilitates by providing tightly coupled timing to support applications for coordination of Wi-Fi devices.

Standards-based, flexible device synchronization

Wi-Fi TimeSync brings standards-based technology to device synchronization and enables a seamless experience across a variety of components. Multiple wireless speakers, headphones, video displays, and sensor devices can render precision output. Wi-Fi TimeSync operates in both infrastructure and peer-to-peer mode, providing flexibility when Wi-Fi networks are not available.

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