Wi-Fi Home Design

Integrated, complete Wi-Fi® coverage for the home

Wi-Fi® in the home has evolved from amenity to expected utility. An enabling platform for a growing number of smart home products and systems, Wi-Fi brings connectivity that is an essential part of life at home. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ is a certification program from Wi-Fi Alliance® that enables builders and property designers to offer built-in Wi-Fi networks with comprehensive coverage throughout single-family and multi-dwelling complexes, all while minimizing interference from other nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Residents moving into a new home trust that the electricity and lighting work once service is established. Wi-Fi Home Design™ brings this same assurance of quality to Wi-Fi home networks. Wi-Fi Home Design plans integrate professionally designed Wi-Fi networks directly into builder floor plans. Each floor plan is specially created to provide whole home coverage based on the residence size, number of levels, neighboring networks, and wall composition. Utilizing high quality, dual band Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ equipment and professional installation, Wi-Fi Home Design plans bring comprehensive, high-performance Wi-Fi networks into newly constructed homes, condominiums, apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and master planned communities.

Turnkey, future-proof residential Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Home Design not only enables builders and engineering design firms to differentiate their product offering, it ultimately gives home buyers and occupants of multi-family residences convenience, peace of mind, and an exceptional user experience. There is no need to purchase and install Wi-Fi access points after the home or building is built. Wi-Fi Home Design networks are move-in ready from day one and are optimized to allow for a growing array of future smart home devices and systems.

Wi-Fi Home Design networks deliver:

  • Whole home coverage: Optimal placement of access points based on home specifications enable reliable, consistent coverage regardless of location on site, including balconies, patios, decks, and adjacent outdoor areas.
  • Exceptional user experience: Utilizing the latest dual band Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ equipment, Wi-Fi Home Design networks easily accommodate a wide variety of traffic demands – from 4K video streaming to intense online gaming – simultaneously.
  • Long lasting satisfaction: Wi-Fi Home Design networks consider future growth in connected life and Wi-Fi usage over time, allowing a growing array of smart living devices and systems to be easily implemented in the home.
  • Building Wi-Fi into the Home of the Future
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why has Wi-Fi Alliance created a home certification?

    Home Wi-Fi is a necessity and builders are pre-installing Wi-Fi into new homes. Wi-Fi Alliance worked with the home building community to create a program that ensures their installations provide new homes with reliable, consistent coverage and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment to provide a turnkey, high-performance Wi-Fi experience in the home.


  • What types of homes are this certification for?

    Currently, the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design certification is for newly built homes, including single-family detached homes and multi-family buildings, also known as multi-dwelling units, such as condominiums, townhomes, and apartment buildings.


  • How does this program avoid interference from other nearby networks?

    In multi-family residences, interference is minimized through channel assignments and optimization of transmission signal power during the design stage – prior to installation. Radio frequency analysis from room-to-room and unit-to-unit ensures maximum performance with minimal interference.


  • What is the process for getting a floor plan certified?

    For builders to certify their design offerings:

    • Join Wi-Fi Alliance. Members at the Contributor level may receive Wi-Fi Home Design certification.
    • Follow the Wi-Fi Home Design program guidelines, which are available to members.
    • Submit all required information to Wi-Fi Alliance.
    • Once all program requirements are met and verified, the vendor’s floor plan receives certification.

    Please note:

    • For single-family homes, each floor plan receives a separate and unique certification based upon that plan meeting the program’s requirements. For multi-dwelling buildings, the entire building must meet Wi-Fi Home Design requirements.
    • Program guidelines require that the member collect and submit a package of information describing specific information about the home network design associated with each floor plan. Information includes, but is not limited to:
      • Number and type of access points to be deployed
      • Site survey of the entire floor plan
      • Equipment list, and other information as appropriate
  • Will my existing router work with a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design home?

    To meet the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design requirements, newly constructed homes and multi-family residence contain pre-installed high-performance APs. Wi-Fi Home Design plans integrate the most recent technology to provide the most successful Wi-Fi experience.