Multi-gigabit, low latency connectivity

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™ expands the Wi-Fi® experience for virtual reality, multimedia streaming, gaming, wireless docking, and enterprise applications requiring high speed, data-intensive connections. WiGig® allows Wi-Fi devices to access the uncongested 60 GHz frequency band with wide channels to transmit data efficiently at multi-gigabit per second speeds. Users benefit from expanded capacity and focused transmission between devices to reduce interference, even in crowded environments.

Popular uses for WiGig products include: 

  • Wireless docking between devices like smartphones, laptops, projectors, and tablets
  • Simultaneous streaming of multiple, ultra-high definition videos and movies
  • More immersive gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences
  • Fast download of HD movies
  • Convenient public kiosk services
  • Easier handling of bandwidth intensive applications in the enterprise

Expanded, multi-band capacity

WiGig complements the dual-band capability of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac by enabling use of a third, less congested frequency band at 60 GHz. This increases Wi-Fi network capability, allowing for extremely high transmission speeds. Multi-band Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig devices can provide continuous connectivity with seamless transfer between the 2.4, 5, or 60 GHz bands, resulting in a high quality Wi-Fi experience.

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