White Papers
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COVID-19 and the Economic Value of Wi-Fi® (2020)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Protected Setup™: Easing the User Experience for Home and Small Office Wi-Fi® Networks (2020)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™: Enhancing the managed Wi-Fi® network experience (2020)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Vantage™ Technology Overview (2020)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® Technology Overview (2019)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint® Operator Best Practices for AAA Interface Deployment (2020)
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Next generation Wi-Fi®: The future of connectivity (2018)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ Technical Overview (2017)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Agile Multiband™ Technology Overview (2017)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Location™: Indoor location over Wi-Fi® (2017)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac: Significant performance advancements for the world’s most loved technology (2016)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig™: Wi-Fi® expands to 60 GHz (2016)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac: Another leap forward for Wi-Fi® (2016)
Wireless wearables: The role of Wi-Fi® in enabling digital health (2016)
LTE unlicensed and Wi-Fi: Moving beyond coexistence (2015)
5 GHz Wi-Fi® is Now Mainstream (2015)
Wi-Fi® calling in the spotlight: Consumer, enterprise, and service provider benefits (2015)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™: An essential and strategic solution for service provider Wi-Fi® deployments (2014)
Wi-Fi and cellular integration: From Wi-Fi offload to HetNets (2014)
Carrier Wi-Fi®: A futureproof approach to expanded Wi-Fi public access (2013)
Carrier Wi-Fi® for mobile operators: The economics of Wi-Fi small cells (2013)
Wi-Fi® in Healthcare: Improving the user experience for connected hospital applications and devices (2013)
Wi-Fi® in Healthcare: Security Solutions for Hospital Wi-Fi Networks (2012)
The building blocks of enterprise-grade Wi-Fi®: An overview of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ programs for the enterprise (2012)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Voice-Enterprise: Delivering Wi-Fi® voice to the enterprise (2012)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS: Easy-to-Use, Security-Protected Direct Links to Improve Performance of Wi-Fi® Devices (2012)
Wi-Fi® in Healthcare: The solution for growing hospital communication needs (2011)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Technology: A powerful and proven asset for China’s operators (2011)
Wi-Fi® for the Smart Grid: Mature, Interoperable, Secure Technology for Advanced Smart Energy Management Communications (2010)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ makes it Wi-Fi®: What Retailers Need to Know (2009)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ n: Longer-Range, Faster-Throughput, Multimedia-Grade Wi-Fi® Networks (2009)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for WMM®-Power Save: Support for Advanced Power Save for Mobile and Portable Devices in Wi-Fi® Networks (2005)
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for WMM® (2004)
IDC: Wi-Fi® security paper