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Edgar Figueroa inducted into Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame

Wi-Fi Alliance® president and CEO, Edgar Figueroa, has many Wi-Fi® accomplishments in his career. Today, he adds one more with his induction into the Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame.

Figueroa is celebrated among other individuals in the Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame who have made truly exceptional contributions to the Wi-Fi industry in their careers. Edgar’s leadership in
Wi-Fi Alliance has resulted in a period of extraordinary growth in Wi-Fi, with three billion Wi-Fi devices expected to ship in 2018 and an installed base reaching 9.5 billion.

“We’re honored and delighted to induct Edgar Figueroa into the Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame. In our view, Edgar's contribution to the Wi-Fi industry cannot be overstated,” said Claus Hetting, CEO and Chairman, Wi-Fi NOW. “He has been truly instrumental in steering the vast and complex Wi-Fi ecosystem to a level of popular success that we could not possibly have imagined only 10 years ago. From all of us at Wi-Fi NOW, we would like to say thank you for your service. And please keep going!”

In his career, Figueroa has established consensus agreements and strategic alliances across industries, engaged with policy and legislative agencies worldwide, and spearheaded acquisitions, mergers and spin offs to ensure continued Wi-Fi proliferation into mass markets such as consumer electronics and mobile. Figueroa also forged Wi-Fi Alliance expansion in Asia and Europe. He is committed to ensuring Wi-Fi will continue to be an engine for social and economic benefit for years to come.

Under Figueroa’s leadership, Wi-Fi Alliance has grown from under 300 member companies to more than 800 members, and delivered programs to expand Wi-Fi’s role in various industries and improve the overall Wi-Fi user experience.

Industry successes under Figueroa’s leadership include:

  • Collaboration with CTIA on coexistence that ushered the era of Wi-Fi in mobile
  • MAC/PHY programs, such as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac, that delivered generational advances for interoperable Wi-Fi  
  • Application programs such Miracast®, Passpoint®, and Wi-Fi Location™ that brought better user experiences and new business models
  • New home validation for professionally designed, builder installed Wi-Fi networks through the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Home Design™ program

This week, Wi-Fi Alliance continued its momentum with the introduction of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™, bringing a standards-based interoperability to enable self-organizing networks that deliver a broad footprint of uniform Wi-Fi service.

We thank Wi-Fi NOW for this honor, and look forward to continuing Wi-Fi’s track record of success!


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