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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ delivers new Wi-Fi® era

Wi-Fi 6 certification is here, marks evolution in delivery of Wi-Fi...

Wi-Fi Alliance® celebrates 20 years of Wi-Fi®

Interoperability is foundation of Wi-Fi’s success story Austin, TX...

Uplink-OFDMA, a game changer for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ networks

The newest evolution of Wi-Fi®—Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™—is designed with...

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Wi-Fi 6: Advanced uses for a new era of connectivity (2019)

Wi-Fi 6 ushers in a new era of connectivity, improving the user experience for the traditional functions that Wi-Fi performs today while enabling a host of new and emerging uses and opportunities. Key capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 deliver performance gains at lower latencies, even in high density environments. Wi-Fi 6 is a platform for innovation, enabling the industry to address more uses, introduce more devices, and invent new ways to revolutionize home, enterprise, and industry. Upgrading networks and devices to Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 provides assurances of product interoperability, backward compatibility, and the latest security protections, regardless of product vendor or brand.